Facial Treatments
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Facial Treatments provide visibly clearer and younger-looking skin. They rebalance, hydrate and enhance the skin's elasticity. Leaves skin feeling softer and smoother.

LED Light Therapy

A powerful way to treat skin conditions on a deeper cellular level promoting healing, cell renewal and repair, reducing age spots and redness. Red light is used to fight the ageing process. Innovator of the original market leading LED phototherapy masks, Déesse PRO harnesses the power of light wavelengths to target popular skin concerns. Target anti-ageing, tone and texture with safe, gentle and effective technology.

Revitalising Elemis Facial

This intensive repairing treatment uses Elemis products, which delivers a burst of moisture, whilst plumping fine lines and wrinkles.

30 mins £30

60 mins  £38

65 mins + LED Light therapy 10 mins £42

Targeted Casmara facial

The CASMARA Facial is a totally revolutionary treatment which rejuvenates and brightens your skin like never before. Combining contemporary cosmeceutical science with advanced aesthetic treatments, our luxurious transformational 6-stage Personalised Casmara facial addresses skin imbalances and restores synergy to the many layers of your skin, giving you a glowing result. Enjoy 60 minutes of personalised pure indulgence! With natural, anti-ageing ingredients, this treatment works to slow, prevent and correct the signs of ageing so you can show off a fresh, youthful complexion.

60 mins  £40

65 mins + LED Light therapy 10 mins £48


Holistic Aromatherapy Facial

A great way to take care of your skin. It combines the benefits and techniques of a traditional facial with the relaxing effects of Aromatherapy and the balancing effects of acupressure points using cold marble, jade skin  rollers and a jade eye mask. A Holistic Facial uses Essential Oils and other natural products to help improve the condition of the skin and aims to improve skin tone and texture through massage movements designed to increase circulation, leaving skin glowing.

60 mins  £38

Deep Cleansing Eve Taylor Facial

A great way to rejuvenate your skin: dead skin cells are removed, pores are unclogged, blood flow is stimulated, blackheads are extracted and the skin feels oh so soft. For best results, book a facial every 6-8 weeks.

60 mins  £38

65 mins + LED Light therapy 10 mins £42

Men's Revitalising Elemis Facial

A wonderfully de-stressing treatment for today's busy man. This facial will rejuvenate and energise the skin and includes a massage of the face, neck and shoulders.

45 mins  £38

Teen Eve Taylor Facial

Facials for teens are often designed to specifically address breakouts that are frequently associated with hormonal skin. Uses Eve Taylor Teen's balancing products to ease congestion and promote radiance.

30 mins £27