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Hot Herbal Compress (Bergman method)

The hot herbal compress are also used on the face, with more gentle techniques and ingredients to clear the skin, rejuvenate and sculpt the facial contours and they can also include ingredients to help with colds.
Heat is primal and gives a sense of safety and security. It also helps take the nervous system out of its 'fight or flight' response, enabling the release of tightly held tension and endorphins our happy neurotransmitters and thus encourages deeper relaxation, sleep and wellbeing.


  • Relief from general muscular aches, pains and tension

  • Helps to imporve and stimulates the lymphatic system

  • Increases blood flow and circulation

  • Rejuvenate, soften and clear the skin

  • Reduce puffiness

  • Boosts emotional and physical wellbeing

  • Reflexologiss believe they stimulate the internaql organs when applied to reflexology points

  • Soothe stiff, sore or pulled muscles and ligaments

  • Ease chronic back ache and arthritis

  • Soothe skin conditions, migraines and chronic stress or anxiety

  • Soothe and clear upper respiratory ailments such as the common cold and bronchitis

This treatment is a great addition to a range of treatments, including facials.


30 minute Herbal Hot Compress is £32

30 minute add-on Herbal Hot Compress* is £22

60 minute Herbal Hot Compress is £42

*can only be bought with another treatment

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