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Oncology Massage

An Oncology massage is a specialist massage therapy for those who have been diagnosed with or are recovering from cancer. It uses expert techniques and works therapeutically to give a renewed sense of deep relaxation.

Oncology Massage 60min | £47 (prices vary)

What should I expect from an oncology massage?

Before your treatment, a friendly and thorough consultation will be carried out to ensure your comfort and to cater the treatment to you. The oncology massage uses a light-touch therapy technique, working slowly using rhythmic sequences. Oncology-certified therapists are trained to make sure that each massage meets the unique and changing needs of the individual and have a solid understanding of the complexities of the condition and its symptoms. I have been specially trained to know how to adapt the position or techniques to maximise your comfort and relaxation.

What are the benefits of an oncology massage?

During this challenging time, massage has been shown to help reduce stress by aiding relaxation. It can increase energy and has been known to improve sleep patterns.

What product range do we use?

The Defiant Beauty Collection from Jennifer Young was formulated for use during treatment for cancer. Designed for use by those going through chemotherapy, surgery or radiotherapy - all of the products are 100% natural, use organic ingredients and are effective against the challenging skin conditions common to those affected by cancer. Created with the needs of cancer patients in mind these versatile products can be put to many uses. This natural fragrance -free product range was formulated especially for skin as it undergoes and recovers from chemotherapy treatment.

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